Anderson Powerpole connector crimping for Ham Radio use

A quick guide to crimping Anderson Powerpole contacts and inserting them into the red/black housings. These are commonly available from the usual Ham Radio outlets and also from Amazon below. The job is made a lot easier by the use of the crimping tool. Typically in Ham radio use 15 and 30 Amp versions of the contact (crimp) are used and the housings are the same. The housings are also available in colours other than red and black. Another great feature about these connectors is that they are self cleaning every time you connect or disconnect them.

The tools used in this YouTube were:
Anderson Powerpole TC-1 Ratcheting Crimper for 15/30 and 45 Amp Connectors Red / Black Anderson Powerpole Connectors A combined pack of 10 PCS 15A Anderson Connectors and contacts
Or a combined pack of Davitu 5Pair X 30A 600V Power Connector 30amp
IDEAL 45-092 Stripmaster Wire Stripper for No.10 to No.22 AWG

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