Clubs & Memberships

I am a member of:
CARS – Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society – Chelmsford, Essex England.
LARC – London Amateur Radio Society. London, Ontario
CARC – Cambridge Amateur Radio Club. Cambridge, Ontario
I am a member of and follow the posts in some Yahoo Groups
Although I enjoy the groups I sometimes see flamers and that really isn’t enjoyable and spoils for all.
We should all get along and help and promote each other and the hobby.
Flamers should be extinguished !

Outside of radio I am an active Freemason.
Originally in UGLE London England, Canterbury Lodge 1635 at Freemasons Hall, Holborn, London.
Also a member of Royal Arch (Chapter) in Essex, prior to leaving for Canada.
In Ontario, at Oxford Lodge No.76 Woodstock I have been Secretary and then Treasurer twice. I am again Treasurer for 2015 – 16. 18 19
I am a 32nd deg member in Scottish Rite as well as a Shriner with Mocha Temple, London Ontario.