Clubs & Memberships

I am a member of:
CARS – Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society – Chelmsford, Essex England.
LARC – London Amateur Radio Society. London, Ontario
I am a member of and follow the posts in some Yahoo Groups and now
Although I enjoy the groups I sometimes see flamers and that really isn’t enjoyable and spoils for all.
We should all get along and help and promote each other and the hobby.
Flamers should just be extinguished !

Outside of radio I am an active and proud Freemason.
Originally in UGLE London England, Overseas Lodge 4030 and Canterbury Lodge 1635 Freemasons Hall, Holborn, London.
Also a member of Royal Arch (Chapter).
In Ontario, at Oxford Lodge No76 Woodstock I have been Secretary and then Treasurer twice.
Then again for 2015 16 17 18 19 and finally not in 2020.
Also a 32nd deg member in Scottish Rite as well as a Shriner with Mocha Temple, London Ontario.

So yep, I’d say quite active…