Network Radio Stuff

In July 2018, I heard a lot about Network Radio. Having a little dabble.
What is Network Radio, for me its like a giant worldwide repeater and very gentlemanly.
Seems to be dominated by UK stations at moment.

It allows licenced hams to talk with non licenced but interested radio enthusiasts from the various radio groups. All amicable too, as technically talking on a cellphone no licence is required. Seems to have adopted the traditional Ham style QSO with callsigns except one might be G7XYZ and the other 35AT235 etc.

Popular are handheld style radios which are actually Android cellphones using apps like , TeamSpeak and IRN.
Zello seems to be the most popular app, and the channels to monitor are “Network Radios 00” through to 06 and the Events Channel EV. Note: When searching for the Network Radios channels, make sure you search for two separate words with an S on the end and verify they are owned by G1YPQ.
There have been some bogus channels floating about which aren’t related to these genuine Network Radios ones.

You can initially listen to them but you need to be authorised by a moderator to be able to transmit voice through them. Give the moderators a call, they will be able to hear you initially when no one else can.
And when a moderator has allowed you, you can then transmit and everyone will hear you.
The actual kit can be connected by Wi-Fi or cell data. (Zello codec is very efficient on data).

Popular Radios, there’s a lot more too

Inrico T 320 handheld
TM-7 mobile
Quingoo 7S+ handheld
Senhaix N60 mobile

Some Links

If Zello takes over your PTT, roll it back to version V3.53

A great website is

Button Mapper Pro for Zello

During October 2018 I worked on understanding how to put new firmware on the SenHaiXun N60 / Anysecu W2 using Filip (NR001’s) debloated firmware V3.

Wanting to share the help with others I obtained permission from Filip and produced these PDF Instructions and also these zipped files Scroll over the text to see the links!

Any feedback is appreciated, please email direct to